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Tampa couples saving time, money with ‘friendly divorces’

Founded by Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans, Tampa Friendly Divorce aims to make getting a divorce as ‘easy, painless, and friendly as possible’

(PR NewsChannel) / October 16, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla.

TFD LogoIn an age where divorce is an unfortunate reality for a large segment of Americans, most people associate the process with costly attorney fees, contentious feelings and drawn out litigation. Two Tampa mediators, however, are attempting to change all that.

“Divorce doesn’t have to destroy you – or your children,” says Brenda Evans of TampaFriendlyDivorce.com. “Our goal is to give couples an opportunity to circumvent the bad that can come from filing a divorce while also making the process as easy, painless and friendly as possible.”

Specializing in a unique divorce mediation process that begins before either party has retained lawyers or filed for divorce, Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans started TampaFriendlyDivorce.com as a way to help couples through the difficult transition while allowing them to conserve their financial and emotional resources.

By streamlining the process, TampaFriendlyDivorce.com provides couples seeking an uncontested divorce with the opportunity to save time, money and heartache while paying significantly less than they would if they used more traditional methods.

Utilizing Shulman’s and Evans’s legal and business backgrounds, the TampaFriendlyDivorce.com experience allows couples to separate on their own terms without going through a costly and drawn out process.

“As a mediation team, our goal is to allow couples to control their own destiny,” says Shulman. “As we see it, divorcing couples need a forum for cooperative problem-solving in order to move positively into the next phase of their lives.”

Offering couples a truly unique process, the professionals at Tampa Friendly Divorce provide a one-stop experience that will allow clients to meet their individual and family needs, now and in the future.

For more information, please visit: https://tampafriendlydivorce.com/

TampaFriendlyDivorce.com is a service of Shulman ADR Law, P.A. and a member of A Friendly Divorce Network.

About TampaFriendlyDivorce.com: Founded by Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans, both Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit and County mediators, TampaFriendlyDivorce.com was created to help couples conserve their resources and make divorce as easy, painless and friendly as possible. Shulman, who has been an attorney for more than 23 years and who has nearly 20 years of experience as a professional neutral, has resolved or helped to resolve more than 4,200 matters as a mediator, arbitrator, hearing officer or as am EEO complaint adjudicator. Evans, who has more than 25 years of business experience, is a corporate award winning professional who has repeatedly been recognized for her successful work in change management. For more information on Shulman and Evans, please visit: http://TampaFriendlyDivorce.com.

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