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“Kooky – or just really good co-parents.” We call them Smart…

As described in an article in The Huffington Post, September 2, 2015, a Canadian couple took a selfie of themselves as they filed for divorce.  Why?  To memorialize something they had done that they thought was quite amazing – and we agree.

While yes, it was the end of their 11-year marriage and many feel that is not something to celebrate, they were thrilled because they have tried to do something different – for their children.  Filing for divorce was actually a new beginning for them to implement a solid co-parenting plan that had been worked out ahead of time.  They have agreed as co-parents that they love their kids more than any negative feelings they might have towards each other.  So they will work to be sure the kids will never have to choose between parents, because as co-parents they will continue their separate, yet parallel lives, with a focus on what is best and most comfortable for their children.

At Tampa Friendly Divorce, we offer divorcing couples who are interested in seeking an uncontested divorce a way to “respectfully, thoughtfully, and honorably” end your marriage “in a way that will allow [you] to go forward as parenting partners for [your] children”.  The perfect way to show respect for what your marriage always WAS meant to be – Love – is to show your children you will both remain on THEIR side for their entire lives.

Tampa Friendly Divorce – do it for your child(ren).

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