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What Else Do I Need to Get Divorced?

There are other requirements to be granted an Uncontested Divorce in Florida…

Prior to receiving a Final Hearing date for an uncontested divorce, all of the following paperwork must be completed and filed with the Court:

  • Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) including Parenting Plan* and Child Support Guidelines worksheet*
  • All additional court required paperwork (you can select a package where we complete these with you, hire an outside service, or complete them yourself): Petition for Dissolution; Answer and Waiver of Disclosures; UCCJEA Affidavits; Financial Affidavits; etc.
  • Unique circumstance paperwork: QDRO, Special Needs Trust, Deeds, etc.**
  • For couples with minor children*: certificates of completion for both parents from a Florida certified Parents of Divorce class

*If there are minor children of the marriage, Florida requires divorcing parents to attend a mandatory Parents of Divorce class, often called a Parent Education and Family Stabilization course, at a cost of $20-$40 per person.  We recommend you take an approved course for your specific court to ensure there are no delays in scheduling your final hearing date.   Here is a link to the list of approved programs for your applicable Circuit Court.

**Every divorce is unique.  Therefore, if you have any of the following requirements, we will refer you to other appropriate resources to meet those specific needs: for example, if your marital assets include certain kinds of retirement plans, you will need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (or “QDRO”); likewise, you may need a specific property deed or a special needs trust (if one of the spouses or one of the children have special medical needs).  For these services, we will refer you to appropriate resources, whether legal, financial, or otherwise; you will be responsible for the fees charged by the other professional.

Ultimately, your agreement and forms will be filed with the Clerk of the Court and your case will be set for a final hearing as an uncontested dissolution of marriage.   You will need to deliver the packet and provide payment to the Clerk of Court for the filing fee; that cost is currently $408 in Hillsborough County (as of January 1, 2017).  Depending on the County, there may be an additional convenience fee to file on-line (credit card processing fee charged by the county), and/or the Clerk may require an additional fee to review the paperwork package before it can be accepted for filing.   At least one of you will then need to attend the final hearing, usually about five-minutes, for your divorce to be finalized.