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Are We Right for Each Other?

We recognize that divorce is a big decision.  So is deciding how to proceed with that process.  To ensure your questions are answered with reference to if the Tampa Friendly Divorce process is a good fit for your unique family situation — we offer potential clients a free initial 15-minute meeting via phone to discuss your individual needs.

To schedule a free (15-minute) virtual consultation, please CONTACT US.

You and your spouse are good candidates for the Tampa Friendly Divorce process if you BOTH agree that:

  • You don’t want to spend your financial resources on two attorneys whose focus may be arguing over how to divide whatever is left over (after paying their attorney fees);
  • Your kids shouldn’t become entangled in a legal war zone; and
  • You don’t want to get stuck in escalating conflict for years to come.

Generally, our clients are drawn to Tampa Friendly Divorce because of their desire to avoid the destructive aspects of what most people think of as a traditional, attorney-driven divorce. These couples are committed to moving through the process of divorce without retaining divorce attorneys because they want to avoid the chaos and expense associated with that process. Typically, couples come to us before any divorce paperwork has been filed with the court.  Many of our clients are middle-income people, unable or too financially stretched to invest $5,000 to $10,000 each in attorney retainers and the legal discovery prBeautiful-Zen-Stoneocess that is part of an attorney-driven divorce.  However, we also see people who have amassed substantial wealth and don’t want to divide it three ways – yours, mine, and the lawyers’.

However, pre-suit, pro se divorce mediation is not a good fit if:

  • You (or your spouse) need legal protection from one another…
  • Financial: If you are unaware of what the marital assets are or how much your spouse earns, you may want a divorce attorney to investigate all of these details before agreeing to any financial arrangements.
  • History of Domestic Violence: If you (or your spouse) feel intimidated as the result of domestic violence or coercion, negotiating without a divorce lawyer is a bad idea; in fact, mediation may not be held if either party is incapable of un-coerced self-determination.
  • If there is currently a Department of Revenue (DOR) action pending, then no child support could be agreed to (back or otherwise) without DOR approval.
  • If your spouse is not interested and invested in working cooperatively to reach an amicable resolution of the many issues involved with divorce (or, for example, if you cannot locate your spouse).
  • Military Service:  We at Tampa Friendly Divorce recognize that we are NOT experts in the complexities of military benefits.  Therefore, we recommend if either spouse is active or former military that you consider an alternative service that can appropriately handle the complexities of your divorce.

To schedule a free (15-minute) virtual consultation, please CONTACT US.