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Mediation Only

$1800 Divorce Mediation Package*

Dissolution of Marriage – Mediation Services only:  This service, with the goal of completing a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) and, as appropriate, the Parenting Plan and Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, is  offered for a flat fee/minimum of $1,800.  This includes up to six hours of time spent mediating with you and your spouse, usually broken into two or more sessions, and drafting the MSA and support documents you may reach.  The fee also includes reasonable telephone and/or email communication throughout the process.

 *To provide you with a compelling financial incentive to prepare adequately for mediation and to attend with a strong desire to work toward resolution:   If an agreement is not reached within the allotted time, and additional time is required beyond the initial six hours included in the package (whether the time is spent in mediation sessions (with one or both of you) or drafting the Marital Settlement Agreement), that additional time is billed at the rate of $350/hour (charged in increments of 1/10th of an hour) with those fees to be paid at the end of each additional mediation session, based on duration, and according to the fee split you agreed upon when booking our services.