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Our Divorce Services

Divorce Mediation
Mediation is an informal and confidential process of assisted problem-solving and negotiation.  All mediations are currently being conducted live using a video conferencing platform.  The mediation model we use at Tampa Friendly Divorce was designed to zen-stonesmake the transition of divorce easier and less expensive.  Our team’s mission is to help you reach your goal: a customized Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”), which describes how you have agreed to handle your money and divide your assets and debts; a Parenting Plan, which describes how you will co-parent your children; and the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.  These are the main divorce documents most likely to benefit from mediation.

While many couples go through this process without attorneys (to save money, among other things), some couples (or individual spouses) will use attorneys and financial experts as consultants.  In fact, we encourage both of you to consult with an attorney to review the MSA before signing.

Additionally, the Court has ultimate discretion as to whether to accept the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement (and, if applicable, Parenting Plan), and will often look quite closely at plans that vary significantly from the statutory Child Support Guidelines.

Divorce Document and Form Preparation Services

To obtain a divorce, there are some other steps you will have to take, even after you reach an agreeable MSA (and Parenting Plan with Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, as applicable).  Those additional steps include filing several documents with the appropriate state court, paying that court a filing fee to do so, and (at least one of you) attending a five-minute court zen_style_stones_sea_cg8p50762c_thhearing.  In addition to helping you reach an agreement through divorce mediation, Tampa Friendly Divorce offers document preparation services.  Once the mediation process is concluded, we are available to fill out the other standard, required forms (as many as 17 other forms, not including the MSA, Parenting Plan, or Child Support Guidelines Worksheet!) necessary for you to obtain an uncontested divorce – eliminating any additional stress created by trying to figure out how to understand and complete these forms properly.

While you are responsible for paying the court filing fees, we are pleased to offer you the option to file the papers with the Court for you, so you do not have to go to the courthouse to do so – although we do not and cannot represent you or show up in court on your behalf.

If you retain us to assist you with Document and Form Preparation, then, once the completed forms are all signed and filed, you should be able to end up in front of the judge and get the divorce!